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Items and Collections

The Blueboy Archives & Cultural Arts Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt

non profit organization.  Any donation that you contribute is eligible for a tax deduction based on the value of the donation.  This includes gifted items in addition to the costs incurred when shipping items to BACAF.  We recommend consulting your accountant or tax attorney for further information on how your contributions can benefit your tax filings.

Verification of our tax-exempt status is available by visiting the IRS Tax Exempt Organization Search. EIN: 82-2647291

If you are donating items, we suggest you consult The Society of American Archivists or an appraiser prior to donating, as they may be able to provide a value on your items.  We cannot issue advice or valorize your items.

We also recommend that you contact the Internal Revenue Service at 1.800.TAXFORM for information on non-cash charitable contributions, Publication 561 (Determining the Value of Donated Property) Publication 526 (Charitable Contributions) and Form 8283 (Non-Cash Charitable Contributions)

* Estate donors are required to complete and sign our Deed of Gift Form.  This form transfers all rights that the donor is gifting to our organization.  If you choose to place restrictions on the item(s), please indicate on the form.  Restrictions are uncommon but sometimes include limited access.  

As we build our BACAF Collection, our website will feature an accessible data base listing of our holdings.  This is a great way to view how your donated items or collection enhances our archives!

We are currently seeking the following items for archival, preservation and research purposes:

•  BlueBoy Magazines 1975 to 1991

•  After Dark Magazines

•  Physique Magazines 1950s to 1990s

•  Mandate Magazines

•  In Touch For Men 

•  Original media including photography,        illustration, slides, manuscripts, etc., that were featured in Blueboy Magazine.  This also includes any works created by Blueboy contributors separate from their work with the magazine.

•  Blueboy branded products

•  Gay interest slides and photos from known or unknown photographers and hobby photographers 1920 to 2000

•  Blueboy Library Collection nonfiction books.

•  New York nightlife, Fire Island, Muscle Beach, SanFrancisco - photos, slides, videos and memorabilia

•  Beefcake illustrated works of art

•  Videos, photographs and other media surrounding performance of gender, drag performance and bodybuilding competitions.

•  Gay adult theater movie posters 1970s

Please contact us about any other special items as we would love to hear from you!        

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