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Miss Tiger
she / her / her
Blueboy Archives & Cultural Arts Foundation
Executive Director
Blueboy 2022
BACAF Board of Directors

Miss Tiger's work as a writer, interviewer and SiriusXM Radio host explores media as it intersects with performance of gender, sexuality, aesthetics, queer theory and visual memory.  Her research work explores the synchronic spoken, informal, performed and traditional forms of expressed culture within various LGBTQ+ taxonomies.  

As BACAF founder, Miss Tiger and her team historically contextualize, preserve and archive Blueboy® in addition to other vintage, LGBTQ+ periodicals and media objects that are in danger of being lost.


Blueboy® 2022 debuts in February 2022 as an annual publication.  It is the magazine's first issue in over a decade.  As Editor-in-Chief, Miss Tiger directs an international team of contributors to reimagine Blueboy® for a diverse and multigenerational audience; showcasing lifestyle and news features, social commentary, essays, fashion editorials and art. And of course ... staying true to the original concept of Blueboy - it will feature nudity.


Miss Tiger is a graduate of

New York University with a Bachelor of Science in Media, Culture and Communication.

She is currently pursuing her Master of Arts in Visual Anthropology.

Miss Tiger resides in West Hollywood.  

Zee Bio Pic.png
Z. Ingram
zi / zi / zi
Blueboy Archives & Cultural Arts Foundation
Chief Operations Officer
BACAF Board of Directors
Vice President

Z. Ingram's research uses ethnographic approaches to better understand linguistic constructions, more specifically how varying spaces determine what language is used in spaces within various LGBTQ+ communities.

Z.'s work with BACAF is to distinguish various methods of looking to the past to discover how it affects the present and predicts the future.  By archiving LGBTQ+ historical documents, she will encourage the team to utilize their findings to better understand the spaces we live in today.

Z. is a graduate from New York University and the CUNY Graduate Center.

Z. is a board member of NYU LGBTQ+ Alumni Network and volunteers with various LGBTQ+ groups within the city.  

Previous research projects include, Put the Needle on the Record, an exploration of homophobic language in Hip Hop music and The Celluloid Closet in Technicolor, a documentary examining how queer people of color feel about representation in film and television.

Z. lives in New York City.      

KT Bio PIc.png
Khanh Tran
he / him / his
Blueboy Archives & Cultural Arts Foundation
Chief Financial Officer
BACAF Board of Directors

Khanh Tran is the co-founder of Momotachi®, an LGBTQ+ owned clothing and accessory company based out of Los Angeles.  Momotachi's eco-freindly products feature designs by LGBTQ+ artists and a portion of every sale helps support the work of Blueboy Archives & Cultural Arts Foundation.          

Khanh lives in West Hollywood, is a world traveler and an avid gay kickball enthusiast.     

Howard Bio Pic.jpg
Howard Abernathy
he / him / his
Blueboy Archives & Cultural Arts Foundation
Director of Development
BACAF Board of Directors
Howard Abernathy is the owner of Aesthete Ltd., a home renovation company that focuses on high-style rehabs for the 99%.  Prior to starting his own company, he worked in telecom, sales and editing.
He has been active in LGBTQ+ community for over 25 years. 
Howard resides in Columbus, Ohio.
dee bio pic.png
Dee Rivera
Blueboy Archives & Cultural Arts Foundation
Director of Programs 
Blueboy 2022

Dee Rivera is a graduate of the University of Florida and the UCLA School of Theater, Film & Television.

Dee's writings, both academic and creative, interrogate themes of queerness, heteronormativity and Gay Bar culture.  Dee currently curates book selections for Blueboy® Book Club and moderates the meetings. 

Dee is represented by Larchmont Literary Agency, and a member of The Clubhouse; an esteemed group of Latinx screenwriters.


Dee resides in Los Angeles.