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about us

Blueboy® Archives & Cultural Arts Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization.  

We are committed to the preservation and promotion of Blueboy® magazine archives and the works of other historic LGBTQ periodicals, artwork, newspapers, literary works, films and ephemera.

Our mission is to collect, preserve and maintain these archives for historical, educational and research purposes. 


In addition to these projects, we will begin introducing a series of art exhibitions and workshops by artists who explore topics including LGBTQ history, sex positivity, diversity and safer sex.


BACAF research includes contextualizing Blueboy® within LGBTQ history and remediating the publication for a contemporary audience.  Other collections we maintain are sought out for their subject matter as they pertain to performance of gender, sexuality, media, and identity.

Our work also includes partnering with LGBTQ communities to intimately record their history, stories and achievements.  Through oral history, storytelling and recorded media, their archives offer an insight into the lives, movements and social gatherings that shaped their communities. 

Original Cover Art by Mel Odom

BLUEBOY® is a registered trademark of Blueboy LLC  Blueboy Magazine Archives © 1974 - 2023 Blueboy Archives & Cultural Arts Foundation Inc.

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